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Wes Penre has incredible information and I just read his latest book Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind. He pictures a very difficult future for humanity under control of Arteficial Intelligence forced by the One World Government and the Alien Invader Force.This book contains 432 pages and I can understand that you do not have enough time to read it.

 So, I  publish here some very important information that he shares about what we can do to escape from the artificial Matrix system after our dead. Although we did Karmic Boy Removal to be liberated after death,  it is very good to get detailed info what we more or less can expect when we Unite fully with Higher Self/Oversoul. And that information is very rare. Although I have no experience with this or no direct memories about Total Reunion with Higher Self the information resonates very deeply within me. And that is why I am sharing it. The more we know about these processes, the better choices we can make. 

The book is definitely worth reading and you can download it here: (copy the link in your browser)


This book contains 432 pages and I can understand that you do not have enough time to read it. So, I  publish here Leaving the Battlefield

 Pag 412.  There is a third alternative for people who have had enough of the 3-D experience. This alternative was also discussed in detail in the WPP (WesPenrePapers), but it is so important that I need to repeat this information in a new way, although nothing has changed; the information is solid. Our blue planet is surrounded by an electronic Grid. This Grid has been solid for many thousands of years, keeping souls who don’t belong here outside the Grid and the human soul group inside the Grid. For a long time, the Grid has prevented us from leaving the electronic prison, which the Alien Invader Force (AIF) so boldly think that they own. However, fairly recently, holes began to open up in the Grid, and after some time passed, more and more holes opened. Now the Grid looks almost like Swiss cheese.

This is the main reason why we hear of Interdimensional Entities finding their way to Earth in our current time; the Grid is breaking apart and it is doing so because some of us, by raising our consciousness and awareness, also raise our vibrations. Everything an individual does affects the rest of the soul group on a mass consciousness level, and now, enough people have begun to see through parts of the deception. Hence, the Grid has become unstable. If this were allowed to continue, the entire Grid would come down, and the illusion of solidity would disappear. The Overlords are not overly concerned, however, because they know that the Grid will repair itself when the moment of the Singularity arrives and the goal of human consciousness will no longer be to reach for Total Spiritual Freedom.

This is what I mean when I mention that we only have a small window of time

Chapter 21: Are there Solutions?
This is a great opportunity for souls who want to leave this Experiment. Planet Gaia/Earth is perhaps one of the most beautiful places ever created by the Queen of the Stars, but it’s infested by a relentless invader force, whose Minions are destroying this once extraordinary Experiment. I also want to remind you that there is no such thing as ascension. Ascension is an Alien Invader Forde (AIF)  concept designed to deceive us. Even if there will be an ascension of sorts, it will still only be within the Realms of the Overlords and, therefore, it will do us no good. However, in a sense, there is a real ascension, but only one. This one ascension option will lead you out of this 3-D trap and back to the KHAA. This is the only real ascension there is. Period. Once a soul leaves the AIF trap and enters the KHAA, they’re already fully ascended. The rest is just a series of exponential learning experiences. Therefore, for those who think they have been here long enough and wish to experience something entirely different, there is a way to pass through the Grid once this lifetime is over and experience the real universe in the KHAA, with all its dimensions.

 There is an opportunity to leave Earth behind .As the only star beings who are capable of both living on a planet and exploring the Universe at the same time through nano-travel, we are very unique. We were made this way by the Queen as a totally new Experiment, and we could experience this reality with no strings attached; we were welcomed back to Orion at any time. In that sense, humankind is a royal species. Even if we now would choose to leave this Experiment once and for all, we still have the ability to live on a planet in the KHAA if we wish, and at the same time nano-travel out in the seemingly endless Universe. If we wish, we can also travel back to Orion—our cradle—and reside there. Those who read this and have understood the profound implications of this information will qualify to go back to Orion, while those who choose the Singularity won’t. While we were living in the KHAA as Namlú’u, all humans were welcome back to the Orion Empire, but as things have developed, the door is closed for many humans because of their behavior. Orion wants to remain a peaceful place, and the AIF-manipulated humans, who in their ignorance make destructive decisions, cannot be allowed to reside in Orion and will be stopped at the gate.

On the other hand, those who don’t qualify wouldn’t want to go there anyway; they’d rather have a mechanical eternal life at the hands of the Overlords in a constructed, physical universe where everything is limited—even ET life. The only alien life that exists in En.ki’s universe is under his control because the existing species have been conquered and manipulated, just as we have. His Empire consists of  conquered, mind controlled species, many of them infested with AI. More or less, the only beings who are not AI are the original Fallen Angels, who rebelled together with En.ki/Lucifer a long time ago and are still with him.

Those who choose the Singularity, wittingly or unwittingly, will choose to live an “eternity” in this kind of environment. I guarantee that this is not a pretty future. However, Posthumans will be ignorant about their fate, once in the Singularity, so in that sense they will not suffer. It is my absolute conviction that each individual is his or her own savior and that it is the individual’s responsibility to save him or herself. If an individual also can, by example, help by assisting someone else in the process that would be wonderful, and a bonus, but ultimately, each person is responsible for his or her choice regarding “salvation.” As we become wiser, we may want to share what we’ve learned, and that is absolutely advisable, but only if the other person is receptive. Never force your knowledge on somebody else. If someone reaches out and asks you questions, do your best to discuss the questions with this person, but the person needs to show that he or she is ready for the information—try not to overwhelm anybody. Be smart and tell them in increments what you have learned. This will also make the person more curious.

Another way to assist others to become aware is to bring up a few daily issues that people read in the news and discuss them. Every now and then, we can throw in a few comments or questions that will make the other person think outside the box; help them consider that there may be something bigger behind the news than what’s written in the newspapers or reported on CNN. If the person is not willing to look at things from a bigger perspective, it’s a good idea not to bring issues up again until that person is ready—if ever. Many prefer to live in denial within their comfort zone. It can become extremely difficult when you realize that one or more— perhaps all—of your relatives and loved ones are resistant to learning anything of what you have to say, and instead they spend all their time on the smartphone. It’s very tempting to almost force the information down their throats, but regardless of how difficult it is and how much it seems to break your heart, you might need to let it go.

 Everybody chooses their own path. If you decide to leave En.ki’s prison by escaping through the Grid, you need to follow a few directives in order to be successful.

Once you die and leave your body, you will experience 360° vision, but if you consider your expired body as lying below you, what you need to do is to look straight up, and you will see the Grid above you. You will also notice all the holes in it. Without hesitation, focus on going through one of the holes, and immediately you will find yourself outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Depending on your degree of willingness to open your mind, you will see the Universe the way it really looks like. You will see that there is very little empty space; you will become aware of the entire Universe when it’s fully “lit up.” This will probably be shocking at first, until you get used to it, but with the information you have been given, you will understand that what you are now experiencing is the KHAA! You will also see our solar system the way it looks like from a much fuller perspective, which I’m sure is magnificent.

The next thing that will apparently happen is that you merge with your own Oversoul (the original fire/avatar/spirit-body). Everything you’ve experienced across the lines of time here on Earth as this particular soul splinter will remain in the Oversoul as experience, and so will you—as a personality. Instead of keeping your ego, the ego will transform into experiences, and you will be able to look at your personality (your mind) as external experiences. The mind is not you; it’s what you experience. The real you is the Oversoul. The rest of the soul splinters, who are still on Earth, in different space and time, will be absorbed as well in the Oversoul after their current lifetime on Earth is complete. After that, you as the Oversoul will be complete. Because you, as a soul splinter, returned to the Oversoul, the rest of your splinters will automatically return once their physical body dies. However, before all the above occurs, you—the soul splinter—has gone through the Grid and merged with your Higher Self. You are now truly interdimensional and multidimensional, and you are ready to move on. The way you travel in the Universe is to first imagine where you want to go; then you put a thought (an intention) to go there, and you will get to your destination instantaneously. These three steps should only take a second once you’re skilled at it.

However, what it takes is focus. It’s a very good idea to start meditating right now and learn how to discipline and direct your thoughts. It’s time to stop thinking “sloppy thoughts.” Whatever you think whatever you say matters! Here, in this solid reality, the effects of your thoughts and words may not be instantaneous, but out there in the Universe they are instantaneous. If you’re dispersed, you may end up in places you never intended to go because your thought was not focused. Focus on one thing—one destination—and go there. All of us are dispersed to some degree, but once in the KHAA, we will eventually get it, but it’s much better to be prepared. It’s like learning how to ride a bike—you fall a few times, but then you learn how to focus better on being balanced and off you go; you never forget how to ride a bike, once you’ve learned how to do it. Learn how to throw out all insignificant thoughts and focus on one thing and keep that thought there. Ultimately, via meditation, learn how to not think at all—just be there comfortably without any judgment or any particular thoughts. Just become a spectator and observe what is happening, if anything. The optimal goal is to be able to do this instantaneously in all situations, but that’s most likely not necessary for a beginner to navigate the Universe.

Regardless of where you end up, you can always rethink your destination and try again; this time being more focused until you can do it flawlessly. If you wish, think yourself to the Gates of Orion, and you will get there. Orion guards will guide you further. These guidelines I just gave you might be obsolete. Because we will merge with our Oversoul, that we have been disconnected from for so long while being trapped on Earth, the Oversoul will probably know exactly how to navigate in the KHAA. However, I want to use what I’ve learned to cover all the bases. It’s better to be over prepared than to be underprepared. Before you get to the point where you merge with your Higher Self, there are a few important things to bring up.

With the best intentions in the world to go through the Grid, once you leave your body, fear may get the best out of you. Going through the Grid is something you’ve never done before, and even if you accomplish it because you’re determined, the “new” universe unfolding around you may scare you at first, and you may wish yourself back inside the Grid. Be strong and tell yourself that this is just a learning process, and you don’t want to return. If you do this, you will soon become oriented, and the fear will eventually go away and you will feel the exhilaration of being free for the first time since the Invaders came. Some people might not feel fear at all—it depends on the individual.

Another thing to be very conscious about is not to go toward the tunnel of light that people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) or Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) are discussing. That tunnel leads right into the AIF’s recycling center. Also, there will possibly be Guides or relatives who wish to greet you when you’ve left your body. They may also want to guide you and tell you to follow them. These beings are either deceived themselves and believe that they are doing the right thing, or they are just projections of your relatives and are not the real souls, although the deception can be quite convincing. Either way, you need to be strong and not talk to them because if you do, it’s very easy to be manipulated, and once there is even a slight thought in your mind that you should follow them, they will most possibly have you gravitate toward the tunnel or any other portal into the AIF’s recycling center, as described in WesPenrePapers, the First Level of Learning. Instead, you must ignore anyone who says they want to help you or guide you and just concentrate on passing through a hole in the Grid, leaving the Guides behind. Why ask for help when you can do things yourself? People who die ignorant are not in bliss. They are confused in the astral, and they don’t know where to go or what to do. Hence, they cling to any kind of help they can get and are likely to follow the first deceptive being that shows up. Fortunately, this is no longer the case for us because we now know better.

 I repeat, we do not need any assistance to go through the Grid. If someone offers to help you to do it that being is most likely deceptive. Ignore that being and just continue on your own as a sovereign soul, more determined than ever to liberate yourself! This can be a difficult thing to do, however, because you leave your loved ones behind in the astral without being able to communicate with them. Remember when the time comes that if these beings really are your true relatives and not just projections, they will see what you’re doing, and one day they will, hopefully, realize that there is a way out and follow you. That’s the best you can hope for. Under current conditions, these relatives (or friends) will most likely not follow you through the Grid. There is always the option to send them a thought, saying that you need to continue on your own path, but that you love them and will always keep them in mind. The astral plane is the real challenge, and there is a chance that you will be tested in the astral. The AIF might try to seduce you into following them by having a fake relative start crying when they see you just to play on your emotions.

Do not pay attention to it, regardless of how difficult it might be—it’s a trap! Once you are free and get comfortable in the KHAA, you can begin to create your own realities and/or join communities already created by others, and you can become a co-creator in such multidimensional environment. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination, and your imagination will increase as you go along. For the first time in eons, you will experience full freedom. In addition, different star systems and constellations have their own universities, where a soul can learn new things. Regardless of how much we know after having spent a long time in the KHAA, there is more to learn, and classes are apparently available for souls, similar to the libraries that people in regression therapy mention are available in the afterlife. However, these libraries, as opposed to those in the KHAA, only teach you what is available in the 4% Universe, which includes the astral plane and some other dimensions.

Some people have asked me if we can’t just commit suicide and get it over and be done with it, so we can join the universal community right away. Committing suicide is usually not a good idea. We have friends and relatives who love us that would be devastated if we decided to take our lives. Most of us have people that are near and dear to us who would not understand if we were to commit suicide. They would be emotionally traumatized and would long to see us again, which makes it harder for us to truly move forward and be free. I, for one, would not want to create that effect. It’s better to live our lives and then go for it, if Leaving the battlefield  is what you wish to choose. In Conclusion here may be readers of this book, who have never examined the Wes Penre Papers—the Multiverse Series. For those readers, the ET part of the AI and the Singularity Agenda I have presented here may be difficult to grasp and even hard to believe. If so, what I recommend is that they read the WPP to gain greater understanding of the bigger picture because the level of ET involvement in this entire movement is imperative. Without that information, we can never fully grasp the AI agenda and the acceleration of technology over the last 50 plus years.

The Singularity is definitely on the Overlords’ top list when it comes to Earth’s destiny, and En.ki is supposed to be in charge of this entire project once it is in place. I write “supposed” because nothing is set in stone at this point. Civil wars, wars in general, and disputes are currently very common in the Luciferian Empire, and the outcome of these conflicts is still uncertain. Who will rule the New World Order and the One World Government—En.ki or Marduk, or someone else entirely? Probably, they don’t even know themselves yet. For humanity, it is of little consequence who will take over—the outcome will be quite the same.

 Please read the novel This Perfect day from Ira Levin (1970)  De dag der dagen in Dutch.
In this tale Levin describes actually a future human race being controlled by a Super Brain and Artefcial Intelligence. By reading this novel you will understand what Wes Penre means by Singularity. It is very well written and it is incredible that Ira Levin foresaw this already 47 years ago. He is definitely an  insider into this material. He also wrote the famous story Rosemary’s baby which was filmed later. It is about a poor, young writer who became rich and famous after becoming a member of Satanic Cult. The price for his fame was that he had to bring a baby boy for Satan. Since this satanic practices happens nowadays so often with our famous film and popstars I am even wondering if it is maybe Ira Levins own life story.